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My hobby is model railroad track in HO size (analog) and anything that hangs together.
On my own system, I've also moved a lot of models fitted.
On a model railway it is always nice to see when moving models, whether figures or vehicles.
The ideas I have, I always try as real as possible.
The buildings are from Faller, Vollmer, Kibri and Preiser figures from, or even Merten.
Figures or buildings are commercially available and can be rebuilt by me, even at times to customer requirements.
I'm building eroticism, dioramas and presentation (erotic dioramas diorama rural district or railroad).
What I've also built a lot are electrical functional models
(Excavators in the gravel pit, Longierplatz, at the riding in the hay truck or debris in the dump).
All you have to look at the following sites have been built by me.
Some of it I sell on Ebay or sometimes even build to order.

Here you can take my Banner.
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